Meet the core team

Jakob Boman - Partner and Managing Director

Jakob Boman

Partner and Managing Director

Phone: (+45) 26 27 37 94


Apart from directing major projects, Jakob manages the firm’s daily operations, finances and human resources. He is a former associate at a global top-tier management consultancy with talents in corporate finance and large-scale IT project management. Jakob holds a master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Danish Technical University and University of London.

Johan Holst Nielsen - Partner and Technical Director

Johan Holst Nielsen

Partner and Technical Director

Phone: (+45) 27 12 30 60


He is the firm’s chief software developer and directs all deliverables of a technical nature. Johan has more than thirteen years of experience in developing websites and web applications, and is today one of Denmark’s leading PHP developers. He has extensive knowledge in platforms like Drupal and Wordpress, and in technologies like Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Ea Luise Andersen - Strategic Director

Ea Luise Andersen

Strategic Director

Phone: (+45) 42 23 98 98


She serves as project manager with expertise in strategy, transformation, change management, enterprise social networks, finance and strategic marketing. Ea holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Modern Languages from Aarhus University, and an MBA from CEU and Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta. She is proficient in 8 languages.

Walid Orfaly - Creative Director

Walid Orfaly

Creative Director

Phone: (+45) 28 65 52 02


He works with creative and viable ideas that seek to move companies and change markets and mindsets. Walid has competencies within social business development, art/creative direction, strategic development, systems development, lectures, workshops to mention a few. Walid has worked for some of the largest companies and advertising agencies in Denmark and he has helped several start-up companies reach their goals. Walid holds an AP degree as Multimedia Developer and a BA in E-Concept Development from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) and was a volunteer in the Danish Army for 1 year.

Mette Just Jakobsen - Strategic Advisor

Mette Just Jakobsen

Strategic Advisor

Phone: (+45) 29 90 98 96


In her own words, great things can happen when combing intellectual curiosity with practical skills. She works with analysis, strategy and concept development, transforming insight into strategic recommendations and innovative concepts. Prior to Wemind, Mette has worked with communication and advertising on both the agency and client-side. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Intercultural Marketing from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and a Master of Science in E-business from the IT-University in Copenhagen.

Heidi Lundø - Project Manager

Heidi Lundø

Project Manager

Phone: (+45) 60 46 64 11


She has the upscale task to develop, coordinate and ensure progression and solid cooperation in the individual projects. As a former Communications Advisor she has worked with clients in both the commercial, political and non governmental organization field. Besides structuring yellow post-it’s, Heidi therefore has strong competencies within corporate branding, events and PR. She holds a M.A. in Danish and Strategic Communication from the University of Copenhagen.

Amina Kari Hyllested - Jr. Strategic Advisor

Amina Kari Hyllested

Jr. Strategic Advisor

Phone: (+45) 29 90 98 96


With a background as a registered nurse and a strong interest in user-centered healthcare solutions, she is primarily involved in providing strategic research and assisting on healthcare projects. Amina is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Design & Communication at the IT University in Copenhagen.

Nicoline Falcon - Jr. Strategic Advisor

Nicoline Falcon

Jr. Strategic Advisor

Phone: (+45) 27 62 79 14


Besides assisting in project management on client projects, she is involved in PR, marketing, client relations, coordination and organization of workshops and events. Nicoline has previously worked in a global communications agency with social media, events and PR and is currently pursuing a BA in Communication and Business from Roskilde University.

Tommy Bünger - Digital Designer

Tommy Bünger

Digital Designer

Phone: (+45) 31 41 01 40


He works on transforming great ideas into visual design solutions. Tommy has a good understanding of creating visual identities, finding the common thread in the design process and pushing the pixels into perfection. Tommy has worked with large Danish- and international brands as a freelance designer, and with one of Scandinavia's best design- and brand agencies. Some of his earlier work has been in collaboration with Wemind, so in a way he is back home now. Tommy holds an AP degree as a Multimedia Designer, and a BA in e-Concept Development from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Jens Nielsen - Degital Designer

Jens Nielsen

Digital Designer

Phone: (+45) 51 84 88 01


He is a digital content addict (his own words!) with an intense interest in everything that has to do with digital design and content for the screen. Besides his solid design chops, Jens is also an efficient front-end developer with the ability to turn Photoshop files in to clean and nicely formatted HTML and CSS. This toy-loving tech geek is passionate about everything that has to do with design whether it is websites, apps, chairs, mecha robots, T-shirts or Lego. The amount of random movie knowledge he possesses would make Peter Jackson jealous.

Thomas Swan Bittencourt - Brazilian Intern

Thomas Swan Bittencourt



He is currently finishing his BA in international sales and marketing. Thomas is able to take action and help support our current projects. He is the founder of With Social Media, a startup that focuses on social media solutions for small businesses and has useful experience on increasing awareness at the lowest risk possible. Other than surfing, our newest team member loves to use his creativity to develop new concepts and approaches to existing ideas.

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